facilities & technologies

flexibility and diversity
Winga offers different cost alternative countries for flexibility and diversity. Dynamic factory capabilities allows us to provide maximum service to our clients

China, Dong Guan

State of art production

Incorporating latest machinery and highly skilled workers. This facility integrates flexible speed models to adapt and rapidly respond to our clients’ needs. Dong Guan facility has over 1800 sewing machines.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

High Growth & Opportunity

Started in 2017, this is Winga’s new flagship factory located near Ho Chi Minh.  With over 120,000 sqm of land this factory gives our clients the capacity and output needed.  Currently employing over 1000 workers and growing.

Bangladesh, Chittagong

Core Production

Winga offers an alternative COP for flexibility and diversity.  Our company has been in this country since 1985 employing over 1000 workers.

lean manufacturing

The Sewing Line,

How Lean impacts the design of production


  • Movement Optimization
  • Maximize Space Efficiency & Reduce Construction Costs
  • Line designed to reduce WIP
  • SMV Accurate Data Calculations

advanced bonding techniques

Sewfree with Adhesives

Creating garments with the flattest finish

  • Low Profile / Smooth Fit / Breathable / Stretchable
  • “No Panty Line” Finish
  • Winga uses BEMIS Tape to ensure top quality adhesives in our products

Inhouse molding

Hassle Free Production 


Production Flexibility

  • Factory manages and controls production output


  • Controlling process from start to finish gives end customers “Peace of Mind”

    Digitalized Sewing Machines

    Juki Solution

    Digital Sewing Machines: Single Needle / Zig Zag / Bar Tack / Embroidery

    • Updated hardware to incorporate Digitally Controlled Functions. (i.e. Tension / SPI)
    • Sewing Machine Management Tablet / USB

    Dry Head Technology

    • Needle and Thread Take up no longer needs lubrication

    Thread end reduced to 3mm

    Eco Friendly

    • 15% reduction energy consumption compared to previous models – Green Procurement on the use of Hazardous Substance

    Next Gen – Cutting Technology

    Paragon Gerber Cutting


    Optimal First Run Yield

    • Updated hardware to maximize balance between cut speed and quality

    Maximum Uptime

    • Brand New Knife Technology using sharpening stones that are 3X that of prior models.
    • 33% fewer parts to reduce complexity in maintenance

    Ease of Use

    • Brand new interface which is intuitive and easy to use.


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